Backing up photos for free
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Backing up photos for free

How to back up important pictures for free

We recently received an email from one of our customers saying someone told her she needed to do a backup of her computer but she didn’t know how.  There are many paid services to get this done but they can be costly and many times overkill for what the average person needs.  Here we will show a step by step guide to backing up those important pictures without costing you a dime! To store your photos and files for free we recommend using Google. It’s free to have a Google account and they give you 15gb of free storage space just for having one.



If you don’t already one Create A Google Account. If you already have one that’s great! If not you’ll have to create one.  If you need help with how to create a Google account click the link “Create A Google Account” at the beginning of this sentence.



Once you have your Google account login in and we’ll get started. You should have a screen that looks something like this:
Google home page (logged in)



Next locate the 9 small boxes that contain the Google apps and click on it.
Google apps


You will get a drop down menu that looks something like picture below. You want to locate and click on the “Photos” app.
Google apps Photos


Once you open the Photos app this may pull up a quick tutorial if it’s your first time here. Go through the tutorial until you are at your photos app dashboard and locate the upload button at the top.  It looks like a little cloud with an up arrow in it. Go ahead and click on it.
Google apps Photos upload link


This will pull up you file explorer. Locate the folder where your pictures are located and open it up. Double click the folder where your pictures are located. Find and select the pictures you want to upload and click “open”. (note: your pictures may be located in a different folder than the one labeled “pictures”)
File Explorer Pictures



You’ll have the option to upload an unlimited amount of photos for free at a reduced image size or to upload your photos at their original size. If you choose to upload them at their original size it will go against the 15gb of free storage that Google gives you just for having an account with them.  If your pictures take up more space than the allotted 15gb you will have to purchase more space to upload them in their original size.


Once you’ve selected the size you want this will begin the file upload. Depending on the amount of photos you’ve selected, their size, the speed of your computer and your internet connection this could take several hours to complete.  Just be patient and know that when it’s complete your photos will be safely backed up in the cloud.  Now you’re done! All you have to do to view them in the future is follow steps 2-4 in this tutorial.