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Disclaimer: Marquee IT is an independent third party, IT service provider for software related problems. Unless stated, we are not affiliated with any company, organization, manufacturer, ISP or email provider. Our services have helped thousands of people with their computer problems. These services may also be available by the brand owner.
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Enter the 9 digit secure pin given to you by your support agent in the field below, then click Connect to get started.

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 How It Works

Step 1)  Connect
Step 2)  Diagnose
Step 3)  Fix

When the technician calls they will connect to your computer and run a free diagnostic to see exactly what the problem is. This process is safe and secure. Your personal files are kept safe and private. Marquee IT is a member of the Better Business Bureau based in the U.S. 

Once connected we will check your internet browsers, startup programs and registry files for malicious software and viruses. If needed we will run a quick scan to detect any hidden problems. This costs nothing and will help you and us know what it is that is causing your problems.

Once the problem is known we can make recommendations how to get it resolved. Marquee IT offers a price for a "one time fix" as well as monthly plans to help keep your computer protected in the future. Most problems can be resolved within a few hours.

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We Are Here To Help Make Your Technology Safe And Easy To Use. If You Are Having Problems, Talk To One Of Our Friendly U.S. Based Techs Today.

We Are Available Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM MST. If You Reach Us Outside These Hours Fill Out The Contact Form And We Will Get Back To You Within One Business Day.