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Disclaimer: Marquee IT is an independent third party, IT service provider for software related problems. Unless stated, we are not affiliated with any company, organization, manufacturer, ISP or email provider. Our services have helped thousands of people with their computer problems. These services may also be available by the brand owner.
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Code of Ethics and Conduct

Company Vision & Mission

Marquee IT is here to provide a needed service in an honest and quality manner. We want to stand out from others in our industry by going above and beyond with our customers and employees. We want to maintain and grow a successful business by keeping our customers happy and completely satisfied. The following is a list of ethics, values and procedures that we follow in order to make that happen.

Principles and Values

At Marquee IT we are serious about our values. We want to resolve problems and concerns for our customers and will work hard to understand your needs. We are committed to being honest in everything we say and do.  We never want to mislead you as a customer. We believe that when you understand who we are and we properly explain the service we are providing, you will ultimately be a happy customer.  Employees of Marquee IT are expected to:

  • Always be honest with you.
  • Respect your privacy.  We will only access what we need to be able to do our job. We will make sure your private information stays safe.  We will be professional and non-judgmental about how you choose to use your computer. 
  • Be cordial and polite. 
  • Be respectful in our language. We like to be fun and laid back, but we understand what it means to be professional. You will never hear us say anything that doesn't belong in a professional environment.
  • Be willing to listen and make time to hear you.  If you don’t agree with something we are doing we are always happy to listen to your concerns and work out a solution.  Your satisfaction is our goal.

We want to Build Trust and Credibility with you

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from you as a customer. We believe that as we adhere to our commitments and display honesty and integrity we will succeed as a company.  Ultimately we want you to judge us on what we do and earn your business.


At Marquee IT we take seriously these standards set forth.  Any violation is cause for disciplinary action and possible termination of employment.  We strive to do the best we can, but if you are concerned that our standards are not being met and one of our employees is out of line please contact our management right away.